So you want so much more than crystals?  Spiritual abilities abound here. We have mediums, Mystics, Fortune tellers, Psychics, Tarot readers, Clairvoyants, Clairsentients, Clairaudients and all the other "clairs" you can think of, carefully avoiding Clairdelusion!. What makes us one of the very best in the world is that all our readers have a minimum of TEN years each of reading experience. They are regularly given test sittings to check that our standards remain very high!

About Us

We are experienced professionals in the esoteric field of all things considered part of the Paranormal. We have gathered together some of the most experienced and in demand reader's and Tutors in this field. Look at our Crystals, but then also look at our online teaching offers. All our tutors also have a minimum of TEN years experience of teaching their niche abilities' Our aim is to offer a service of the highest possiblestandards.

John Tunbridge has been working as a Medium and Psychic for over 30 years. In that period he has held senior positions within Spiritualist teaching organisations. He has worked on countless radio stations, reaching an estimated 100 million listeners.

John was honoured to be a member of the 2nd Council of Spiritualists in the UK until it disbanded. Over the years he has demonstrated mental and trance mediumship both in the UK, but also the USA, Holland, Denmark and Belgium to name a few.

John also assisted as a consultant for the documentary “The Paranormal life of Peter Sellers.” He was also a regular monthly columnist in the Psychic News for a few years.

He is the owner of www.morethancrystalclear.com John has brought together some of the very best workers in their field, each having a minimum of ten years experience of demonstrating their abilities. John says, “ All our Mediums,Psychics and Tarot readers are personally recommended by me. If your chosen sitting is not working for you within the first five minutes, and you let your reader know, we will give you a full refund! What have you got to lose?"

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